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Scalp Care

Seborrheic Dermatitis

  • A medical form of Dandruff.

  • Inflammatory response to a form of yeast found on the top layer of the skin.

  • Can be brought on by:

    • Stress 

    • Illness 

    • Hair Products

    • Styling Techniques

    • Hormonal Imbalances

    • Diet

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  • A natural oil constantly produced by your sebaceous glands (small oil-producing glands present on the skin).

  • The function of sebum is to lubricate the skin and protect against friction.  

  • The over production of sebum can cause scalp issues.

  • If left untreated can lead to build-up, follicle damage, and hair loss.

Contact Dermatitis

  • This is a response on your scalp that is caused by a substance you are exposed to.

  • Irritates your skin (scalp) and triggers a reaction.

The word “Trichology” comes from the Greek word, ‘Trikhos’ which means ‘hair’. Thichology is the branch of hair care that deals with the science of the hair and scalp.


A Trichologist is a “hair and scalp specialist” who is able to assess the causes of a hair or scalp problem and advise their client the best type of treatments for these problems.

Terms You Should Know

Microscopic Scalp Build-Up
Microscopic scalp clean


Step 1


Our Healthfoliant is a pre-treatment that allows you to easily remove build up

of dandruff, dead skin cells, debris, and sebum

(oils on the scalp)



Before shampooing, apply directly to the scalp (not the hair). Massage using

fingertips for 1-2 minutes.


Did you know, every time you scratch your scalp you are tearing skin cells, this is why it is so important to follow

step 2!