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Case Studies

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Problem: Hair loss in Crown

  • Client with multiple health conditions, on medications that are known to cause hair loss

  • Client complains of burning and tingling of the scalp in the crown area

  • Excessive itching

  • No visible signs (dryness, flaking scales on scalp, dandruff) of the most common reasons for the itching

  • It was determined that the scalp irritation was the result of her health issues.

  • Client is under the care of a team of physicians (dermatologist, primary care, Endocrinologists)

62-year old Female Before

Professional Hair Braids

Our Hair Matters

Professional Hair Braids


Resolution: Medical Support with Use of Healthful Hair Solutions 3-Step System 

Visible signs of healthy hair regrowth


Treatment Plan

In an effort to topically control the itching and irritation the following was performed over a 4-month period.

  • Exfoliate scalp 1x monthly (3 Step Scalp Facial)

  • Shampoo & conditioner weekly- Prescription shampoo (prescribed by dermatologist) Refine Soothing Cleanser, Restore Stimulating Masque.

  • Ozone Steam treatment 2x month

62-year old Female After

  • Client has hypertension and is on high blood pressure medications

  • Iron deficiency (4 months prior to hair loss did a 30-day liquid only cleanse)

  • After a complete client consultation (scalp analysis, medical history and hair care history), it was determined that the client was suffering from Telogen Effluvium.

  • A temporary hair loss that can result from diet and unbalance nutrition, medical condition, medications and/or hormonal fluctuation.

Problem: Hair Loss

48-year old Female Before

Total regrowth in nape

Treatment Plan:

This form of Alopecia is self-correcting. However, in order to create an environment for healthy hair

re-growth, gentle handling of the hair, avoiding

over-vigorous combing, brushing and any type of excessive scalp tension were important.

  • Exfoliate scalp, cleanse and condition hair & scalp. (3 Step Scalp Facial)

  • Shampoo & deep condition weekly

  • Steam treatment and exfoliate scalp 1x month (Healfoliant scalp care)

Resolution: Gentle Handling of Hair with Use of Healthful Hair Solutions 3-Step System 

48-year old Female After

stage no shadow.png

Regrowth is possible.

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