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Join HHS Pro and gain access to pro size and wholesale prices/

Email Healthful Hair Solutions

We will need the following Credentials:
- Esthetician License
- Cosmetology License
- Salon/spa Business License
- Letter from owner of salon or spa
- W-2 Form
For students - Permit issued by state

* Please send from the same email address that is registered with your HHS account (otherwise, we may not be able to match it to your pending request).


We Approve Your Pro Access

As soon as we receive all of the above, we will review and update your membership registration and we will send you a confirmation email so you can start viewing HHS Pro products with prices, which must remain confidential.

We activate new accounts usually within 5 business days after verifying the applicant's business and/or professional credentials.

If you have any questions, please feel free send us an email at


Thank you again for joining HHS Professional.

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